Price List

     Classic Thai Massage 

    1 hour                 £45.00

30 minutes              £30.00

(full body massage with stretching)



 Aromatherapy Massage

   1 hour                  £45.00

30 minutes              £30.00

(lighter than a Classic Thai Massage with the use of aromatherapy oils)


 Head and Shoulder Massage

1 hour                      £45.00

30 minutes               £30.00

(working on the neck and shoulders to relieve tension, neck and shoulder pain.       


  Foot and Leg Massage

 1 hour                      £45.00

30 minutes                £30.00

(concentrating on the feet and legs)


 Thai Deep Tissue Massage

60 minutes £50.00

This strong massage gets into the muscles to help with recovery from injury or after hard exercise


Full Body Scrub

30 minute body scrub followed by aroma oil massage

90 minutes    £80.00

( sea salt scrub followed by shower then 1 hour relaxing massage)


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